Data for Effective Marketing

We collect them for strategic content, campaigns and sales.


About us, our vision and how we work

We know that growing a business and brand is a challenging and long process.
Rival Up was founded to simplify this process and ​​help companies grasp their marketing strategy based on relevant marketing data about customers and their competitors. Data on the market in which you operate as a company is essential for effective sales.
90% of companies use online data for their marketing. Our vision is to combine online marketing with data obtained offline - especially about customers and competitors.
Suppose you know precisely what your customer segment wants, how they choose, and where to find it, and you have detailed information about how your competition offers it. In that case, your marketing takes on a completely different dimension.
We went into business with this idea initially, believing in it even more after dozens of completed projects.

Why us?

We are detail-oriented. Everything we do, we do strategically and with a sense of digital marketing and new technologies.
Every customer is unique to us, and we create every project to increase their sales. We will be delighted to communicate with you about our company. We will ensure that you are comfortable with us, and we will answer any questions you have. Every customer is also a long-term partner to us.
We will be happy to give you a free hour session about data collection for your marketing, so come and try it with us!

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